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After throwing the ball up in the air while serving, the player's feet must not come down inside the line of the tennis court until he or she has hit the ball. As soon as the ball hits the tennis racquet, however, the server can run into the court ready to receive the return.


When there is a penalty, the goalkeeper must have both feet on the goal line and must not move until the player taking the penalty kicks the ball. If the goalkeeper starts to dive before the ball is touched, then the penalty has to be taken again.

A penalty is a kick that a player takes from 11 metres in front of the goal after a foul has been committedinside the penalty area.


When the quarterback passes the ball to one of his players, the player on the other team who is trying to stop the receiver from catching the ball is not allowed to tackle the receiver until the ball touches the receiver's hands. If he tackles too early, he has committed a foul, and the referee stops the game. The again play begins where the foul took place.

A quarterback and a receiver are players in an American football team.


After a player shoots the ball nobody is allowed to jump and stop the ball from going into the basket if the ball is on its way down into the basket. If this happens, even though the ball has not gone into the basket the shooting team scores two points.

I. In which sports...?

1) do you pass a ball from one player to another? (tennis)

2) do you hit a ball (but not with hands or feel)? (football)

3) do your score goals? (table tennis)

4) do you have to jump to catch the ball? (golf)

5) do you have to serve? (basketball)

6) do you have to shoot? (volleyball)

7) do you win by having the lowest score? (american football)

8) do you have to tackle? (american football)

II.Think about...

1. Think of your favourite sport. Are there any rules you would like to change? What are they and why?

2. Think of a particular sport and describe the qualities that a good player of that sport needs to have?

  1. Напишіть форму множини іменників

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